Hermann Pfisterer GmbH

ZEBO Präzisionswerkzeuge – Precision tools since 1952

To stay competitive, your business must continue to remain productive at the highest possible level. To this end, ZEBO provides you the precision tools you need to achieve superior productivity and optimum machining quality. We manufacture tools that comply with both DIN and company standards, as well as individualized special tools for centering, drilling, boring, and counterboring.

Our quality management has been ISO 9001-certified since 2001. All of our manufacturing processes and quality criteria undergo continuous development and are state-of-the-art. At ZEBO every employee is uncompromising in achieving quality results. Look for our current certificate of quality in the download section.

You can benefit from our more than 70 years of experience in producing precision tools of high-speed steel and solid carbides.

Precision tools of the Hermann Pfisterer GmbH: backspot facing tools, center drills, counterbores, countersinks, core drills,
gundrills, nc-drills, pre-drills, rebore drills, special tools, step drills, step end mills, subland drills, twist drills